Absentee founder

Ramesh Sharda made the decision to host this wonderful conference then abruptly fled the scene and can no longer be found but has been spotted on the golf course with Rathin Sarathy.
The Atherton hotel is located on campus and has just been completely renovated. I heard from another conference goer that there was a TV in their bathroom but there have been conflicting stories, so Dave Biros will buy a beer for anyone who can provide proof.

There is a block of 30 rooms blocked at the Atherton for check in on Friday, 4/6, and check out on Sunday, 4/8. There is a tentative hold on an additional 20; if there’s a big rush to reserve rooms, they’ll go ahead and block more. If it gets to early March and there are very few takers, we could lose the block.

To reserve, call the hotel at 405-744-6835, and tell them it’s for the Big 12 MIS Conference, so it will be booked from the block and charged the $109.95 amount. It includes the hot breakfast (like with scrambles and everything) in the mornings. The hotel does not currently have online reservations available for groups like this; they have a new booking system not fully operational online so that’s not an option. The gal I spoke with—Monica Casey—said it should be up and available maybe in a couple of months. So you’ll need to call to book and get the special rate.

The other thing is, Atherton has an SWO airport shuttle for guests, but you need to notify the hotel of your arrival date/time, and the hotel will put it on their reservation so the shuttle will go out and pick you up.