Child’s play


A special thanks to Corey Baham and Bryan Hammer, whose children provided the needed reviews for the conference papers. IRB was contacted with regards to minors.


Keeping up the Big XII+ Symposium tradition, each participating school may nominate two PhD students (hereafter referred to as a “lackey”) or junior faculty (affectionately called a “yes man”) to present their scholarly work in one of the symposium’s sessions. Each submitted work is reviewed by a faculty member (actually the same lackey that is presenting, thereby doubling their work) of other participating schools. Also, this faculty member (I needn’t remind you again, this is the lackey’s job) of the participating school, serves as the work’s discussant during the presentation session (stumbling occasionally over ideas that they are just seeing for the first time in notes they got from said lackey weeks before but just opened five minutes ago).

The discussant’s job is to bring up one or two issues/discussion points they have with regard to the paper to get the conversation rolling. The number of discussion points needed forms an inverse normal distribution, with more discussion points required early in the morning when everyone is half awake and the end of the day when everyone just wants to leave. Towards the middle of the day few if any discussion points are needed because the audience will be awake, fed, and academics love to hear themselves talk.

The deadline for nominating the lackeys or yes men is February 16, 2018. The paper submission deadline is March 9, 2018